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Adoption is Spelled W-A-I-T-I-N-G

Today, the waiting started to drive me insane get to me, and led to spontaneous calls to harass our Adoption Agency Lady.  Blame 7th Heaven. Lately, most of my free time has been spent crocheting, thanks to all of you.  Seriously, thanks!!  You are keeping me busy which is keeping me sane.  At the moment, […]

Orphan Sunday – Next Week!

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. -James 1:27 November is Orphan Awareness Month, so I am very excited to write some posts this month about adoption, orphan care, and the orphan crises in […]

Fundraising Friday!

Financially-speaking, this has been an encouraging week for our adoption process!  So far we have received quite a few coffee orders, and enough Etsy orders to keep me extremely busy.  That in itself would be enough to keep us very thankful, but we had a first this week.  This week, we came home from class […]

Fundraising Friday (er, Saturday …)

Yesterday was a crazy day, so we’re coming in a day late with Fundraising Friday.  Better late than never, right? Fundraising this week as been all about Etsy.  Oh my word.  THANK YOU for all the Etsy orders!  There have been just enough to keep me busy crocheting in any free time, but not so […]

ASL Class

As you probably know, this Fall Alex and I have been taking ASL I at the University of Iowa.  We began studying ASL on our own somewhere around the beginning of this calendar year.  By summer we felt we had developed a fairly decent vocabulary, but had a lot of questions about issues relating to […]

The Sensation of Voice

This is a post Alex wrote on his person blog on Sept. 12, 2013, prior to our adoption announcement   It was transferred to our adoption blog on Oct. 18, 2013. Hearing We finished our ASL quiz and left the room, and as college students are wont to do, my wife and I congregated with a few […]

The Power of Shoebox

I’ve always loved Operation Christmas Child.  There is something so magical about filling a simple shoebox with gifts, holding it in my hands, and wrapping my mind around the fact that a little boy or girl a world away will soon hold it in their hands.  Soon, they will delight over things that seem mundane […]

Fundraising Friday!

Good afternoon, friends!  I hope that wherever you are, it is as beautiful a Fall day as it is here. Well, it has officially been one week since we announced our adoption.  It is amazing to say that, because somehow it seems as though it has been much longer.  Maybe it’s because even though we […]

“Hearing Impaired” or “Deaf”?

One of my good friends is a medical professional. He and I were conversing about Jess’ and my adoption yesterday, and in the course of our dialog he referred to our child as “hearing impaired”. “I’m going to stop you for a second,” I politely interjected. “They do not like to be called ‘hearing impaired’. […]

The Jump & The Journey

About this time last year, a man named Felix completed the most insane high dive the world has ever seen.  He stepped out of a spacecraft (Yes, I said a SPACECRAFT.) and free-fell more than 120,000 feet back to Earth … from space.  He had done the training – four years of it, in fact […]

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