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Fundraising Friday – Corn Bags!

Awhile back when we were visiting my family in Ohio, I noticed my sister continually carrying a sort of bean bag-like pillow around.  She explained that it was a “corn bag”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a soft, flannel square of fabric filled with corn.  When microwaved, it stayed hot […]

Commitment for Christmas

First of all, Merry Christmas!  I know the day has passed, but there just is not time enough in one day to say it to everyone, and the season seems to fly by faster every year.  For us, the days leading up to Christmas were an absolute whirlwind – from our in-house home study to […]

The Home Study – Advice? Tips? Suggestions?

Barring blizzards, illness, house emergencies, or a zombie apocalypse (Seriously, at this point, nothing would surprise me.), our next home study visit will be on Sunday. In my mind, this is The Big One.  The last one was not in our home, and it was more about us learning from our case worker and her […]

Count It All Joy

Like many of you, Alex grew up with the kids’ Christian radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey.  I am quite certain that his entire family has most of them memorized, as we never have a family gathering without hearing some quotes.   Once, the four of them (Alex and his three older siblings) and a few […]

The Amazing Race: Adoption Edition

About a week before Thanksgiving, we woke up one morning to an exciting question: a little guy in Eastern Europe was waiting for a home, could you be the family he is looking for?  There’s nothing like a life-changing offer to jerk you from half asleep to wide awake in two seconds flat. We excitedly […]

Scentsy Raffle Winner!

  Thank you to all who participated in our Scentsy Raffle!  This morning we randomly drew the name from the entries, and the winner is ….   Heidi Williams!     Heidi is a friend of ours from college, and she will be able to choose her favorite Scentsy Warmer from the options above, and […]

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