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Zumba Fundraising Night – YOU’RE INVITED!

Introducing our first fundraising event!   We have a wonderful friend who happens to also be a fabulous Zumba instructor who has offered to host a Zumba night in support of our adoption.  I love love love Zumba, so I am thrilled that it can be combined with our adoption.  In addition to an hour […]

The Wait List

Have I mentioned yet that adoption involves a lot of waiting?  In fact, there seems to be only two phases of adoption: rushing as fast as you can and twiddling your thumbs while doing nothing.  Though a different kind of stressful, at least the “rushing” portion allows you to feel like you are making some […]

Current FAQs – A Look At Where We Are & Where We’re Headed

We try to save the occasional Friday post to share updates about the fundraising side of our adoption process, but today is going to be more of an all-around general update on how things are going.  Hopefully we can answer for everyone some of the questions we have gotten a lot recently!   So, where […]

The Happy/Heartbreaking 1st Birthday

I was recently talking to a friend about the nature of adoption.  “It’s both happy and heartbreaking,” she said, and she couldn’t have been more right.  It was a good talk, the kind of adoption talk I love because it was with someone who I can tell really gets it, who doesn’t require an explanation […]

Hope for the Holidays

The holidays fell at an interesting time in terms of our adoption process.  Christmas and New Years are natural times of reflection – moments to look back over the past year and imagine all that is ahead in the coming year.  Of course, we have a lot we can imagine for the coming year!  2014 […]

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