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All At Once

Well, yesterday was another whirlwind day!  We are learning that the adoption process typically feels like A) nothing is happening at all, or B) everything is happening at once.  The “B” days are usually few and far between, so we are thrilled when they come around.  Yesterday was definitely a “B” day. From the get […]

There is a Season

Most of you probably know that for the past three years, I have been employed as the Children’s Ministry Director of our church.  Three years ago, fresh out of college and eager to work in full-time ministry, getting this job was a dream come true.  I can’t even put into words all that I have […]

Three Little Ones

I am a part of several email chains that serve to get the word out about orphans in need of adoptive families.  I received an email this morning about three precious little ones in Haiti who are waiting for their forever families and something about them jumped out at me.  They are so young, and could […]

Bible Verse Wall Hanging

Lately, all of the baby prep has been crazy and stressful, so today I decided I wanted to do some preparation that was fun and maybe even stress-relieving.  I was feeling inspired by all of the awesome verses so many of you sent me last week about fear, anxiety, and God’s peace (thanks SO much!!), […]

Preparation & Paranoia

I’m getting to the point where all I want to do is GET READY.  I don’t know if it is out of some nesting instinct, a result of knowing a trip to Europe could be coming anytime, or out of a subconscious notion that getting fully ready will mean this one can’t fall through.  It’s […]

Dipping a Toe in the Mommy Pool

We’re getting close. On Thursday, we mailed our final three documents to Eastern Europe.  Two were updates to our dossier in light of our new referral, and one was our new commitment letter promising that we will come take Baby W home with us as soon as they let us.  This paperwork should be processed […]

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