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Poland: Baby W’s Heritage

For the past year, we have been referring to the location of our adoption as “Eastern Europe” and have been intentionally vague about the specific country for matters of privacy related to adoption regulations.  However, now that we have our approval and are preparing to travel, we are excited to share with you about the […]

The Art of Being Still

In the time since I have stepped down from my previous position at our church, pretty much everyone I come in contact with asks me what it is like. Do you enjoy not working? Do you hate not working? Are you bored yet? What do you do all day?   Here are the quick answers: […]

Dear One-Year-Ago Jessica

Dear One-Year-Ago Jessica, I know what today is.  Today is the day you are taking the first steps in the direction of seeing a life-long dream come true.  Today you are beginning the adoption process. I know exactly how you feel.  You agreed with your husband to wait until next May, until your third anniversary […]

Dear Alex & Jessica

  On September 18th, 2013, we submitted a preliminary application to a small, international adoption agency, having absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into.   365 Days Later …   Dear Alex & Jessica, We’ve looked high and low for a home for a beautiful baby boy, and we’ve decided that you are […]

Return to Your Rest, My Soul

Sunday was my last official day as a part of our church staff.  It was also the kick-off of our new ministry year, so it was strange mix of beginnings and ends.  All week long last week, my feelings about stepping down seemed to change almost hourly.  One moment, I would be filled with nostalgia […]

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