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Updates & Prayer Requests

Update: The good news is that the document we have been waiting on from the Embassy in Warsaw (the Article 5) is finished. The bad news is that we haven’t gotten it yet because our attorney, bless her heart, fell off a ladder and broke her nose and got pretty banged up. Needless to say, […]

DIY Two-Sided Wooden Playboard

Hello, friends! Since we are still waaaaaaaiting to hear about our court date and thus our travel dates, I thought I’d take a bit of a departure from our usual adoption updates for something a little different.  Since I have had a lot more free time than usual lately, I have been experimenting with some […]

Thank You (or “Dziękuję”, as our Polish friends say)

    We’ve been celebrating the end of our fundraising journey this week, and wanted to give a shout out to you have helped us get here.  Of course, we know this list is far from complete – there are so many of you who gave anonymously or participated in third-party fundraisers.  But at least […]

The Bottom Line

This weekend, we reached a huge milestone in our adoption.  The progress bar showing how close we were to funding our adoption finally reached 100%.  Fully funded. It was a huge victory, one we felt we could take little credit for.  The financial aspect of our adoption has been a collective effort from everyone in […]

Fun Facts

I have always found the study of other cultures to be fascinating, and have thoroughly enjoyed studying the Polish culture.  I decided to make a list of some of my favorite fun facts from the books I have been reading on Polish culture, and thought I would share it on here for anyone who is […]

Imaginary Espresso

In the middle of last week, I called our immigration officer to make sure she had received our paperwork in the mail.  It was still early – we had only sent it two weeks prior to that, and had heard it was originally sent to the wrong office and had floated around for a while […]

Look what came in the mail …

    Our immigration approval!!! Guys, this is big stuff.  Getting this approval was the last obstacle to overcome before traveling.  This week the details should start falling in to place for us to get on that plane!  Please pray for these final steps to go smoothly!!   Baby W … here we come!  

Fundraising Friday

Hey, Friends! Perhaps you noticed from our progress bar over on the left side of the page that we are incredibly close to meeting our fundraising goal!  Our adoption costs will total to about $25,000 and at the time I am writing this post, we have raised $23,176.  That means we only have $1,824 left […]

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