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Our Toddler Adoption Travel Must-Haves

When we were preparing for our potentially two month long trip to Poland to complete our adoption of Elliott, I was at a loss as to were to begin on packing.  Not only had I never had a toddler, I had never had a toddler dealing with the unique circumstances of adoption.  There was so […]

OKNO ŻYCIA: The Baby Drop Box Next Door

Yesterday Alex left to to return home to the U.S., and rather than sit home and be bummed about it, Elliott and I spent the afternoon out and about.  We took a tram trip to a big mall on the north side of the city and spent a couple hours browsing around and having lunch […]

An Orphan No More: Elliott’s Gotcha Day!

“Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles He performs for His people!” Psalm 66:5   Every day for the last 605 days, a sweet little boy fell asleep at night labeled as an orphan.  Last night, that little boy may have gone to bed an orphan, but he woke up a son. […]

A Typical Day In Poland

7:00 – Good morning!  Elliott usually sleeps about ten hours to the minute, and is almost always up between 7:00-7:15 regardless of what kind of night we’ve had.  Hopefully we have had no night terrors in the night and are all feeling well-rested.  No matter how Elliott slept (or didn’t sleep) he always wakes up […]

Court Day

On Friday, January 9th, we woke up early.  We had managed to trick Elliott into going to bed an hour early so he would wake up naturally in time for us to leave.  It was Court Day! In some ways, it felt like just yesterday that my phone rang with the news that January 9th […]

A Chance to Live

Yesterday, while I was waiting for the sad little stovetop in our apartment to boil water for broccoli, Alex called me into the living room to see Elliott crawl for the first time. Now, at nineteen months old, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a toddler to crawling … or walking … or climbing up […]

Parenting: A Crash Course

Well, we have officially survived a full week of toddler parenting!  Like any new parenting experiences, be it through adoption or birth, it has had its ups and downs, its victories and its defeats … but we made it! After our brief but emotional goodbye with Baba and Jaja, our life as a family of […]

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