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When Silence Isn’t An Option

As you know, this blog has been almost exclusively dedicated to our adoption and orphan advocacy.  It is The Thing that God has laid on our hearts, and what has consumed most of our waking (and sleeping) hours over the past couple of years, and it is the motivation for most of the posts on this […]

Miracle Day: One Year Later

It isn’t difficult to call to mind and heart the feelings I had waking up exactly one year ago today.  Most of the time I can’t even remember how I felt one week ago today, but some days etch themselves into your brain and never fully fade from memory. I woke up that day and […]

April & May

Hello, friends!  I know we have basically dropped off the map these past couple months, but that’s mainly because life has been ca-ray-zy.  I have been telling myself that one day when things calm down, I will sit down and blog posts for different highlights of April and May.  However, I’ve determined that the likelihood […]

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