Did you choose to adopt because of infertility?

No.  In fact, we have never tried to get pregnant, so we have no idea if that would be a difficult process for us or not.  There are many reasons families choose to adopt, and infertility is a common one.  For us, we were just as excited about adopting as we were about the idea of growing our family biologically.  After lots of prayer and contemplation, we felt led to pursue adoption first, and are excited our adopted child will grow up knowing that!

Are you adopting an infant?

We requested to be matched with a child of either gender who is 4 years or younger, and were told to expect a child who was on the older end of that range.  When we were matched with Elliott, he had just turned one!

Why are you choosing to adopt a child with special needs?

There is an overwhelming need for special needs adoption all over the world.  Because of inadequate healthcare opportunities, and often cultural intolerance for special needs, many children with health needs are abandoned, neglected, sent to orphanages or asylums, or even left to die.  When we learned of the great need for this type of adoption, we looked into it, and soon became convicted that we were called to give one of these precious little ones a home and a forever family.

Elliott’s birthmother suffered from a genetic disease called Phenylketonuria, which basically means her body could not absorb an amino acid found in protein.  This disease can become very dangerous, especially to an unborn infant.  Although Elliott did not inherit the intolerance for protein, he was greatly affected by her disease, similar to how a child might suffer from to an in-utero exposure to drugs or alcohol.  Because of this, Elliott was born very small with a dangerously small head size, grows and develops and a slower rate than a typical child, and has several minor birth defects.  He was not expected to survive, and only did so out of the grace of God and the fierce dedication of his foster family.  He is currently in speech, physical, and occupational therapy to encourage his development, and is being seen by specialists regarding the birth defects.  Every day he amazes us all!

Why did you choose to adopt internationally rather than domestically?

We researched many different roads to adoption before choosing to pursue an international adoption.  Both have immense benefits and various challenges, and there is a great need for both!  For us, the decision came down to being led toward the adoption of a child with special needs.  With that in mind, the greatest need was for waiting children in other countries, often abandoned as a result of their special needs.  We also view international adoption as a greater need compared to domestic infant adoption.  For international adoption, there are far more waiting kids than there are willing families.  In domestic infant adoption, this tends to be reversed.

What country are you adopting from?

We adopted from the Eastern European country of Poland!  Click here to learn more about this fascinating country.

When will your adoption be complete?

Our adoption was completed on January 24, 2015!  After a two-month trip to Poland, we were finally home as a family at the beginning of February 2015.  From first choosing an agency to bringing Elliott home, our adoption process lasted 18 months.

What are the financial needs of your adoption process?

We are blessed to be working with a great agency with a big heart for special needs adoptions, who has offered to reduce fees to help families like us bring their children home.  Even so, adoption is very expensive!  We estimate the financial need to be around $25,000.  Keep an eye on the ticker on the left side of the page to see our progress in funding our adoption! {Update: Our adoption expenses did roughly total $25,000 and we were blessed to be fully-funded by the time we left for Poland!  Our adoption expenses were covered by us personally, generous donations from our community, fundraisers, and adoption grants.}

How can I support your adoption financially?

There are a variety of ways you can support our adoption, and we are thankful for whatever way you would like to contribute!  Whether you want to donate online, mail us a check, buy coffee or handmade items from our online stores, or look see other ways to give to our adoption, you’ll find the best answers to this question on the Support Our Adoption page! We can’t thank you enough, and no donation is too big or too small!  You can monitor the progress we are making toward our goal by checking the support page periodically.  You can also contribute by giving an item off of our baby registry! {Update: We are now fully funded!  See this post for ways you can give to support adoption/orphan ministries around the world!}

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