Update:  On June 16, 2014, the door was closed on us adopting a deaf little boy we had been pursuing for nearly eight months.  Two days later, we were presented with the opportunity to adopt a little boy with a very different set of needs than what we had been preparing for.  We felt God leading us to trust Him by giving this little one a home.  We know He has a plan for the time He gave us to spend learning ASL and studying Deaf Culture, and are eager to see how He uses that in a future adoption process – next time as a family of three!  For more on this decision-making process, see this post.  ASL and the Deaf Community holds a very special place in our hearts, and we are excited to see where that takes us as a family!



In the Christian community, the word “unspoken” has instant recognition.  It represents something that is in the heart, on the mind, or weighing on the shoulders.  Something that is just as valuable and dear as what is spoken on the lips, but remains unsaid and locked inside.  We cherish the ability to speak our prayer requests to others and to share in such a simple act of community and humanity, but sometimes we choose certain requests to remain unsaid.

But what if we didn’t have that choice?  What if it all remained inside?  What if every prayer request, whether it was something we want to keep to ourselves, or something bursting from within us, something we couldn’t bear to carry around on our own … what if it was all unspoken?

And what if it wasn’t just our prayer requests that remained unspoken?  What if it was everything about us?  The pains of our past, the hopes of our future, the fears about the world, the love of a friend.  What if all of that remained locked inside?  Simple things, such as your favorite color, your desire for food, what you want to wear when you get up, where you want to go today, who you would like to sit next to at lunch.

What if that was all unspoken?

Right now, our child’s world is completely unspoken.  Like a book full of blank pages, their whole being remains locked inside, every thought, fear, joy, desire, and hope unwritten, unshared, unanswered.  Unspoken.

One day, we’ll have the unimaginable privilege of handing them the pen they need to start filling the book of their life with all that would have remained unsaid.

All that would have gone unspoken.

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