Being Home: Is there anything we need?

How was the trip home?

What is it like being home as a family of three?

How is Elliott adjusting?

How are you adjusting?

How is attachment going?

Is there anything you need?

As time allows, I will answer these questions and just post them as they are completed (click links above for previous posts).  Thank you so much for your warm welcome home to our new life!


Is there anything you need?

This is going to be a shorter post than the others in this series, which is good because The Sickness has hit our house … again.  Just when I started to feel better, Alex and Elliott seem to have caught it.  Someone pass the vitamin C …

From the time we arrived home (and even long before that), many of you have been asking if there is anything that we need.  Tons of you have offered clothes, toys, baby gear, etc., so many that I have had trouble keeping up!  THANK YOU!!  Your generosity over this past couple years has blown us away, and you have truly blessed us with your kindness.  I know many of you are going to town with spring cleaning right now, and we want to thank you for your generous offers of things your kiddos have outgrown!

If you do have things that you are planning to donate or throw out, we would love to know if that includes any of these things:


CLOTHES.  Elliott’s wardrobe is kind of hilarious right now, because we were SO FAR OFF on guessing his size.  We knew he would be around 20 months old when we brought him home, and assumed he was going to be a bit small for his age.  We also knew it would be cold.  So, being the logical people that we are, we decided to aim for size 18 months of the winter variety.  When people offered us clothing, we turned down anything smaller.  We hit the resale shops and filled Elliott’s closet with 18-month sweaters, pants, warm socks, all your general coziness.  And then we left for Poland, and in our eagerness before meeting him, we headed to the mall and got him a few more such outfits.

Then we met him.  And he was ITTY BITTY.  We pulled out all the new outfits we lovingly picked out for him and laughed with Baba as we realized we could easily fit at least two of him in everything.  Even now, after the kid has put on some weight and height, he is still a tad small in size 9-months at almost 22 months old.  Oops!

In her kindness, Baba bestowed upon us almost all of Elliott’s clothing from their home, at least what currently fit him.  And when we arrived home, Elliott’s new extended family was ready and waiting with 9-month clothing to get him through the winter.  But all of a sudden it is March and today the high is 79 degrees, and we’ve realized that the only warm-weather clothes we have that fit him are a handful of onesies and some short-sleeve pajamas.  So, if you have little boys and are cleaning out their closets, we would happily take 9-month & 12-month summer clothes off your hands!


TOYS.  In general, we kindly turn away most offers for toys.  Elliott already has more than enough, and isn’t really much of a “toy” kid anyway, not having grown up with them so far.  However, his therapists are encouraging him to play with toys that promote fine motor skills (such as placing small toys into matching holes, etc.), cause and effect toys (such as toys that do something when you press a button or pull a lever, etc.), or toys that encourage problem solving (such as toys that kids have to work to figure out).  I would say that we are looking for these types of toys that would be appropriate for a 12-18 month old.  If you have anything like this that your kids are done with or would let us borrow for awhile, we would appreciate it!


BABY STUFF.  If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen that we are moving to a new home (still in Cedar Rapids) soon!  Our new house has all hardwood floors (as opposed to our current one which is fully carpeted), and we would like to get a walker for Elliott.  He had one in Poland, where nothing is carpeted, but his therapists said we should take a break from it until he starts crawling.  But now that he is crawling and we will back to smooth floors, we think it would be great for him to use one again!  We are talking about this kind of walker, where the child sits inside of it and can “walk” around inside of it.  Again, if you have one of these that your kids have grown out of, or have one that you would let us borrow before your next baby is ready for it, that would be fantastic!

Elliott's walker in during our foster family days, when we still had to cover his face and sneak him tastes of cookie batter.

Elliott’s walker in during our foster family days, when we still had to cover his face and sneak him tastes of cookie batter.


We are so thankful for all of the kind and thoughtful offers we have received!  If you have any questions, you can contact us at  Thank you!


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