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The Sensation of Voice

This is a post Alex wrote on his person blog on Sept. 12, 2013, prior to our adoption announcement   It was transferred to our adoption blog on Oct. 18, 2013. Hearing We finished our ASL quiz and left the room, and as college students are wont to do, my wife and I congregated with a few […]

“Hearing Impaired” or “Deaf”?

One of my good friends is a medical professional. He and I were conversing about Jess’ and my adoption yesterday, and in the course of our dialog he referred to our child as “hearing impaired”. “I’m going to stop you for a second,” I politely interjected. “They do not like to be called ‘hearing impaired’. […]

The Jump & The Journey

About this time last year, a man named Felix completed the most insane high dive the world has ever seen.  He stepped out of a spacecraft (Yes, I said a SPACECRAFT.) and free-fell more than 120,000 feet back to Earth … from space.  He had done the training – four years of it, in fact […]

From Indifference to Action

Welcome! We are so thankful and touched that you are taking the time to join us on this crazy journey we have begun.  We have already been so encouraged by the show of support and kind words we have received as we made our official announcement yesterday.  If you have found this blog via Facebook […]

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