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Being Home: The Trip

How was the trip home? What is it like being home as a family of three? How is Elliott adjusting? How are you adjusting? How is attachment going? Is there anything you need? These are questions we are asked on a daily basis, and questions I have been dying to answer here on our blog! […]

The Amazing Race: Adoption Edition

About a week before Thanksgiving, we woke up one morning to an exciting question: a little guy in Eastern Europe was waiting for a home, could you be the family he is looking for?  There’s nothing like a life-changing offer to jerk you from half asleep to wide awake in two seconds flat. We excitedly […]

Fundraising Friday!

Financially-speaking, this has been an encouraging week for our adoption process!  So far we have received quite a few coffee orders, and enough Etsy orders to keep me extremely busy.  That in itself would be enough to keep us very thankful, but we had a first this week.  This week, we came home from class […]

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