Fundraising Friday

Hey, Friends!

Perhaps you noticed from our progress bar over on the left side of the page that we are incredibly close to meeting our fundraising goal!  Our adoption costs will total to about $25,000 and at the time I am writing this post, we have raised $23,176.  That means we only have $1,824 left to go!!!  SO CLOSE.

We’re down to the final weeks before we head to Poland to complete our adoption, and are really hoping to board that plane with that progress bar totally full.  With that in mind, we wanted to pass along a couple ways you can help us reach our goal, if you are interested.

One is our coffee shop fundraiser – click the link below to order truly phenomenal coffee (and I am a coffee snob, so you know I would not support the sale of crap coffee).

Another is our Etsy shop.  I primarily fill custom orders, but have many items in stock that I made over the past year in any spare time I could find.  All of the items listed below are totally finished, ready to ship, and for sale at a discounted price (one in stock of each item)!  Click on the title of the item to view the Etsy listing and place an order.  (If you are a local friend, let me know what item you want before completing the order so I can remove the shipping cost.)

I am still taking custom Etsy orders, but get them in quick before we leave!


Our Etsy items and our coffee shop items make fantastic gifts.  Get some Christmas shopping done a little early this year and support a wonderful cause – bringing Baby W home!  Thank you all so much!

UPDATE:  If an item you had your eye on is sold, talk to me about a custom order!

Just Love Coffee 1391560_472700112848673_451717527_n

Etsy Stock

Turquoise Crocheted Hoop Handle Purse – $36

Hoop Handle Purse

Hot Pink Over-the-Shoulder Crocheted Purse – $30


White Boot Cuff Set – $15

Thank you, Mariah!

Boot cuffs sold1

boot cuffs sold2

boot cuffs sold3

Lighthearted Coffee Cozy – $7

 Thank you, Annette!

coffee cozy sold

Spring Dreams Crocheted Shawl – $42

Photo Oct 03, 8 51 51 AM

Photo Oct 02, 2 02 07 PM


Aqua & Chocolate 1920s-Inspired Flapper Hat – $20



Pink Winter Headband/Earwarmer – $15

Thank you, Melissa!

pink headband sold2

pink headband sold1


Navy Slouch Hat – $15

Thank you, Rachel!

navy hat sold1


navy hat sold2

navy hat sold3


Blue Blends Slouch Hat – $15

Photo Oct 02, 1 33 06 PM (1)

Photo Oct 02, 1 51 26 PM

Hawkeye Team Spirit Winter Headband/Earwarmer – $15

Photo Oct 02, 1 41 00 PM

Photo Oct 02, 1 49 29 PM


Pumpkin Orange Slouch Hat – $15

Photo Oct 02, 1 41 49 PM

Photo Oct 02, 1 50 24 PM


Pink & Purple Power Slouch Hat – $15

Photo Oct 02, 1 45 54 PM

Photo Oct 02, 1 49 08 PM


Navy Poppy Flower Hot/Cold Corn Bag – $9

Photo Oct 02, 1 47 16 PM

Pink & White Flower Hot/Cold Corn Bag – $9

Photo Oct 02, 1 47 28 PM


Red Fleur de Lis Hot/Cold Corn Bag – $9

Photo Oct 02, 1 47 51 PM


Lime Hot/Cold Corn Bag – $9


Photo Oct 03, 8 53 51 AM


Candy Heart Hot/Cold Corn Bag – $9

Photo Oct 02, 1 48 09 PM

Dotted Daisy Hot/Cold Corn Bag – $9

Photo Oct 02, 1 48 27 PM



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