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The First Week: A Timeline in Facebook Posts

Our first full week with Baby W was spent living with his foster family.  It was a truly life-changing experience that we will treasure forever!  The only downside was that we were so busy spending time with them and bonding as a family, we didn’t have much time left for updating the blog.  This past […]


Many months ago, I asked Alex: “What are you most looking forward to?” I was talking about in terms of our adoption, but that didn’t need to be said.  Alex’s answer was immediate and adorable. “Snuggles.” He went on to describe snuggling Baby W late at night in the rocking chair in his room, or […]

DIY Two-Sided Wooden Playboard

Hello, friends! Since we are still waaaaaaaiting to hear about our court date and thus our travel dates, I thought I’d take a bit of a departure from our usual adoption updates for something a little different.  Since I have had a lot more free time than usual lately, I have been experimenting with some […]

The Happy/Heartbreaking 1st Birthday

I was recently talking to a friend about the nature of adoption.  “It’s both happy and heartbreaking,” she said, and she couldn’t have been more right.  It was a good talk, the kind of adoption talk I love because it was with someone who I can tell really gets it, who doesn’t require an explanation […]

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