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Hello, stranger. Thank you for raising my son.

In addition to keeping friends and family up to date on our adoption process, this blog is also serving as a sort of digital scrapbook for us to look back on and remember our journey.  FYI: this particular post falls more in the category of the latter. When we found out that Baby W was […]


Many months ago, I asked Alex: “What are you most looking forward to?” I was talking about in terms of our adoption, but that didn’t need to be said.  Alex’s answer was immediate and adorable. “Snuggles.” He went on to describe snuggling Baby W late at night in the rocking chair in his room, or […]

The Very Best Day

I’m laughing already as I write this, because I can’t think of another time that we shared two posts in one day.  Not only that, but they are going to be about as night and day different as possible. Here’s what happened on The Very Best Day. I had literally just posted this post from […]

A Guide to Thanksgiving for the Emotionally Exhausted

Oh, holidays.  Depending on the season of your life, the holidays bring the very best or the very worst, don’t they?  You could probably safely go out on a limb and guess which side of the spectrum we found ourselves in leading up to Thanksgiving this year.  For the most part, I had done a […]

Hope for the Holidays

The holidays fell at an interesting time in terms of our adoption process.  Christmas and New Years are natural times of reflection – moments to look back over the past year and imagine all that is ahead in the coming year.  Of course, we have a lot we can imagine for the coming year!  2014 […]

Fundraising Friday – Corn Bags!

Awhile back when we were visiting my family in Ohio, I noticed my sister continually carrying a sort of bean bag-like pillow around.  She explained that it was a “corn bag”, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a soft, flannel square of fabric filled with corn.  When microwaved, it stayed hot […]

Commitment for Christmas

First of all, Merry Christmas!  I know the day has passed, but there just is not time enough in one day to say it to everyone, and the season seems to fly by faster every year.  For us, the days leading up to Christmas were an absolute whirlwind – from our in-house home study to […]

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