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Being Home: The Dark & The Light

How was the trip home? What is it like being home as a family of three? How is Elliott adjusting? How are you adjusting? How is attachment going? Is there anything you need? As time allows this week, I will answer these questions and just post them as they are completed (click links above for […]

Home Study = Complete!

Today, a big document package arrived in our mailbox, and I didn’t have to open it to know that it was the one we had been waiting for. I was scared to open it, for fear that we would smudge it or rip a page or that it might spontaneously burst into flames.  It was […]

The Home Study – Advice? Tips? Suggestions?

Barring blizzards, illness, house emergencies, or a zombie apocalypse (Seriously, at this point, nothing would surprise me.), our next home study visit will be on Sunday. In my mind, this is The Big One.  The last one was not in our home, and it was more about us learning from our case worker and her […]

The “What If?” Game

It’s 5:30 in the morning, and today we have our first home study visit.  And strangely enough, the reason I am wide awake so early is not because I’m nervous about it.  Sure, I’m anxious to complete this next step in the process, but I’m no longer incredibly nervous about trying to say the right […]

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