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The Bottom Line

This weekend, we reached a huge milestone in our adoption.  The progress bar showing how close we were to funding our adoption finally reached 100%.  Fully funded. It was a huge victory, one we felt we could take little credit for.  The financial aspect of our adoption has been a collective effort from everyone in […]

The Art of Being Still

In the time since I have stepped down from my previous position at our church, pretty much everyone I come in contact with asks me what it is like. Do you enjoy not working? Do you hate not working? Are you bored yet? What do you do all day?   Here are the quick answers: […]

The Game Changer.

Guys.  This has probably been the single most insane week we have had in our adoption.  And because God has a hilarious sense of humor, He scheduled this series of crazy during the week before VBS – the largest event of the year at our church, which I plan and oversee.  Thank goodness for a […]

The Answer.

It has been exactly 7 weeks since we found out.  And today we got our answer: No. No, we will not be adopting Baby M.  The other family is continuing their adoption of him, and our door has been closed permanently this time.  For privacy reasons, it probably is not wise for us to share […]

Jessica, this is your brain talking. I quit.

Guys.  I am getting nervous about the fact that although our paperwork is ALL BUT FINISHED, we still have a two trips to Europe to survive, and my brain is very near calling it quits. This is a problem.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to need my brain. This morning, the doorbell rang and from […]

My Lighthouse

Yesterday, I took a trip to Des Moines (about two hours away, for my non-Iowan friends) to take some of the final steps to completing our dossier.  The trip was not without hiccups, and was full of some hilarious and frustrating moments.  When I have a little more time, I’ll sit down and share that […]

Back in Business!

This is just a quick Public Service Announcement to inform you all that we are back in business!  Turns out the scary red letter we got in the mail from USCIS and it’s inquiry about “missing information” was an incredibly easy fix.  It was so easy, in fact, that it is almost laughable that it […]

Dear Friends of Waiting Adoptive Parents: Some Things to Know (repost)

We are beyond blessed with a rich community of friends, family, and church community that are constantly seeking to show support to us in our adoption.  Don’t get me wrong, WE LOVE THAT.  Adoption can feel like a long, lonely road, and few things are more encouraging then when the people around us take an […]

See You Be Brave

Lately, I’ve noticed many people referring to our adoption as an “adventure”.  I have to say, I like this description very much, and I can say that this process has been nothing short of an adventure.  Thinking of our journey in this way has gotten me thinking about the nature of adventures.  There is something […]

The Wait List

Have I mentioned yet that adoption involves a lot of waiting?  In fact, there seems to be only two phases of adoption: rushing as fast as you can and twiddling your thumbs while doing nothing.  Though a different kind of stressful, at least the “rushing” portion allows you to feel like you are making some […]

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