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The Bottom Line

This weekend, we reached a huge milestone in our adoption.  The progress bar showing how close we were to funding our adoption finally reached 100%.  Fully funded. It was a huge victory, one we felt we could take little credit for.  The financial aspect of our adoption has been a collective effort from everyone in […]

Baby Stuff!

For our readers that don’t follow our Facebook page, here are the updates we received yesterday: Unfortunately, we haven’t received our approval yet. Our attorney found out that two of the three people needed to give the final stamp of approval are currently on vacation. Bummer! However, the attorney was told that we can definitely […]

Dipping a Toe in the Mommy Pool

We’re getting close. On Thursday, we mailed our final three documents to Eastern Europe.  Two were updates to our dossier in light of our new referral, and one was our new commitment letter promising that we will come take Baby W home with us as soon as they let us.  This paperwork should be processed […]

The Happy/Heartbreaking 1st Birthday

I was recently talking to a friend about the nature of adoption.  “It’s both happy and heartbreaking,” she said, and she couldn’t have been more right.  It was a good talk, the kind of adoption talk I love because it was with someone who I can tell really gets it, who doesn’t require an explanation […]

The Sensation of Voice

This is a post Alex wrote on his person blog on Sept. 12, 2013, prior to our adoption announcement   It was transferred to our adoption blog on Oct. 18, 2013. Hearing We finished our ASL quiz and left the room, and as college students are wont to do, my wife and I congregated with a few […]

“Hearing Impaired” or “Deaf”?

One of my good friends is a medical professional. He and I were conversing about Jess’ and my adoption yesterday, and in the course of our dialog he referred to our child as “hearing impaired”. “I’m going to stop you for a second,” I politely interjected. “They do not like to be called ‘hearing impaired’. […]

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