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Being Home: My Adjustment

How was the trip home? What is it like being home as a family of three? How is Elliott adjusting? How are you adjusting? How is attachment going? Is there anything you need? As time allows, I will answer these questions and just post them as they are completed (click links above for previous posts). […]

Our Toddler Adoption Travel Must-Haves

When we were preparing for our potentially two month long trip to Poland to complete our adoption of Elliott, I was at a loss as to were to begin on packing.  Not only had I never had a toddler, I had never had a toddler dealing with the unique circumstances of adoption.  There was so […]

Our Wroclaw Apartment!

Hello from Poland! We have finally made it to Poland, and are wrapping up our second full day in this awesome country.  Hopefully in the next day or so I will have a chance to share updates about our experiences so far, but for now I wanted to share a quick peek inside our apartment! […]

The Last Two Days: High to Low …

We decided to chronicle our adoption experience in blog-form because 1) we wanted a record of it, 2) writing is how I process all The Feelings, 3) we wanted to honestly portray an adoption experience for anyone else considering or pursing adoption.  I am so glad we chose to do it!  It has been more […]

Adoption Q & A, Part 1

This post is a part of our Orphan Awareness Month series in November 2014 to advocate, educate, and spark discussion about topics relating to adoption and orphan care.  To check out the other posts in the OAM series, click here.   On Monday, I shared that because November is Orphan Awareness Month, we will be […]

Imaginary Espresso

In the middle of last week, I called our immigration officer to make sure she had received our paperwork in the mail.  It was still early – we had only sent it two weeks prior to that, and had heard it was originally sent to the wrong office and had floated around for a while […]

Look what came in the mail …

    Our immigration approval!!! Guys, this is big stuff.  Getting this approval was the last obstacle to overcome before traveling.  This week the details should start falling in to place for us to get on that plane!  Please pray for these final steps to go smoothly!!   Baby W … here we come!  

Fundraising Friday

Hey, Friends! Perhaps you noticed from our progress bar over on the left side of the page that we are incredibly close to meeting our fundraising goal!  Our adoption costs will total to about $25,000 and at the time I am writing this post, we have raised $23,176.  That means we only have $1,824 left […]

The Art of Being Still

In the time since I have stepped down from my previous position at our church, pretty much everyone I come in contact with asks me what it is like. Do you enjoy not working? Do you hate not working? Are you bored yet? What do you do all day?   Here are the quick answers: […]

Dear Alex & Jessica

  On September 18th, 2013, we submitted a preliminary application to a small, international adoption agency, having absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into.   365 Days Later …   Dear Alex & Jessica, We’ve looked high and low for a home for a beautiful baby boy, and we’ve decided that you are […]

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