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Adoption, Isolation, and Community

This summer, I have had the great privilege of helping to plan and organize a retreat for adoptive/foster mothers in our community.  Over the weekend, I gathered with a group of mothers for an incredible time of fellowship, laughter, tears, prayer, and restoration.  We all went around and told our stories of waiting, longing, loving, […]

When Silence Isn’t An Option

As you know, this blog has been almost exclusively dedicated to our adoption and orphan advocacy.  It is The Thing that God has laid on our hearts, and what has consumed most of our waking (and sleeping) hours over the past couple of years, and it is the motivation for most of the posts on this […]

Being Home: The Trip

How was the trip home? What is it like being home as a family of three? How is Elliott adjusting? How are you adjusting? How is attachment going? Is there anything you need? These are questions we are asked on a daily basis, and questions I have been dying to answer here on our blog! […]

An Orphan No More: Elliott’s Gotcha Day!

“Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles He performs for His people!” Psalm 66:5   Every day for the last 605 days, a sweet little boy fell asleep at night labeled as an orphan.  Last night, that little boy may have gone to bed an orphan, but he woke up a son. […]

Court Day

On Friday, January 9th, we woke up early.  We had managed to trick Elliott into going to bed an hour early so he would wake up naturally in time for us to leave.  It was Court Day! In some ways, it felt like just yesterday that my phone rang with the news that January 9th […]

The Art of Being Still

In the time since I have stepped down from my previous position at our church, pretty much everyone I come in contact with asks me what it is like. Do you enjoy not working? Do you hate not working? Are you bored yet? What do you do all day?   Here are the quick answers: […]

Preparation & Paranoia

I’m getting to the point where all I want to do is GET READY.  I don’t know if it is out of some nesting instinct, a result of knowing a trip to Europe could be coming anytime, or out of a subconscious notion that getting fully ready will mean this one can’t fall through.  It’s […]

The Game Changer.

Guys.  This has probably been the single most insane week we have had in our adoption.  And because God has a hilarious sense of humor, He scheduled this series of crazy during the week before VBS – the largest event of the year at our church, which I plan and oversee.  Thank goodness for a […]

The Answer.

It has been exactly 7 weeks since we found out.  And today we got our answer: No. No, we will not be adopting Baby M.  The other family is continuing their adoption of him, and our door has been closed permanently this time.  For privacy reasons, it probably is not wise for us to share […]

Rain Come Down

Oh, Lordy. At this point last week, we were waiting for two documents to come in the mail to finish our dossier.  As soon as they came, we would send it all of to Europe and wait what we thought would be just a few weeks before we got to get on a plane.  When […]

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