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Baby Shower – This Sunday!

  You’re invited – guys and gals both!  If you think you might join us for some celebrating, please take a second and RSVP today!   RSVP Here Baby Registry   We’ll see you there!    

Baby Stuff!

For our readers that don’t follow our Facebook page, here are the updates we received yesterday: Unfortunately, we haven’t received our approval yet. Our attorney found out that two of the three people needed to give the final stamp of approval are currently on vacation. Bummer! However, the attorney was told that we can definitely […]

Back in Business!

This is just a quick Public Service Announcement to inform you all that we are back in business!  Turns out the scary red letter we got in the mail from USCIS and it’s inquiry about “missing information” was an incredibly easy fix.  It was so easy, in fact, that it is almost laughable that it […]

Zumba Night – TONIGHT!

Ladies, I can’t wait to Zumba with you tonight!!  You are all invited – NO Zumba skill required!  It’s going to be a fantastic time – like one big, dance, girl party for a wonderful cause!  We will also have a bunch of items from our Etsy Shop for sale at a discounted price, including […]

Dear Friends of Waiting Adoptive Parents: Some Things to Know (repost)

We are beyond blessed with a rich community of friends, family, and church community that are constantly seeking to show support to us in our adoption.  Don’t get me wrong, WE LOVE THAT.  Adoption can feel like a long, lonely road, and few things are more encouraging then when the people around us take an […]

The Home Study – Advice? Tips? Suggestions?

Barring blizzards, illness, house emergencies, or a zombie apocalypse (Seriously, at this point, nothing would surprise me.), our next home study visit will be on Sunday. In my mind, this is The Big One.  The last one was not in our home, and it was more about us learning from our case worker and her […]

Scentsy Raffle – Last Chance!

Today is the last day to enter our Scentsy Raffle Fundraiser!  Tickets are $5 for one entry and $9 for two.  You can enter by visiting our Support Page and donating $5 or $9. The winner will receive the Scentsy Candle Warmer and Scent Bar of their choice, and will have a great Christmas gift […]

Black Friday Fundraiser Sales!

If you are like me, you have been in your pajamas since 5:00 and can’t think of anywhere you would like to be LEAST than being jostled around some jam-packed store.  I don’t really enjoy shopping on a regular day, and I plan my grocery trips around when I think there will be the fewest […]

Fundraising Friday!

Good afternoon, friends!  I hope that wherever you are, it is as beautiful a Fall day as it is here. Well, it has officially been one week since we announced our adoption.  It is amazing to say that, because somehow it seems as though it has been much longer.  Maybe it’s because even though we […]

The Jump & The Journey

About this time last year, a man named Felix completed the most insane high dive the world has ever seen.  He stepped out of a spacecraft (Yes, I said a SPACECRAFT.) and free-fell more than 120,000 feet back to Earth … from space.  He had done the training – four years of it, in fact […]

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