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Look what came in the mail …

    Our immigration approval!!! Guys, this is big stuff.  Getting this approval was the last obstacle to overcome before traveling.  This week the details should start falling in to place for us to get on that plane!  Please pray for these final steps to go smoothly!!   Baby W … here we come!  


Dear Lairds, Now go get your baby. Love, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services

Back in Business!

This is just a quick Public Service Announcement to inform you all that we are back in business!  Turns out the scary red letter we got in the mail from USCIS and it’s inquiry about “missing information” was an incredibly easy fix.  It was so easy, in fact, that it is almost laughable that it […]

Red Letters & Speed Bumps

A couple days ago, I was just taking an experimental salmon recipe out of the oven and rocking out to Pentatonix when Alex got home from work.  He held an envelope in front of my face while I dried my hands, and I could see it was from the USCIS (US Citizenship & Immigration Services). […]

A Day in Des Moines

It has been a long and busy week for us in the adoption department … and somehow the week is not over??  Through the weekend and early part of this week, we were in grant application insanity mode.  We had about 5-6 grant applications that we had been working on for weeks and weeks finally […]

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