Thank You (or “Dziękuję”, as our Polish friends say)



We’ve been celebrating the end of our fundraising journey this week, and wanted to give a shout out to you have helped us get here.  Of course, we know this list is far from complete – there are so many of you who gave anonymously or participated in third-party fundraisers.  But at least to as many people we are aware of, we wanted to say thank you.

We started this journey having no idea how we pay for this.  We simply trusted and prayed that God will provide us with a miracle – the kind that we would tell our son about one day, about how God did something crazy to bring him into our family.

And you know what?  He did.  The miracle was not in the form of a mysterious $25,000 check appearing on our doorstep, or a call from a grant agency promising the money.  It came in the form of each of you giving gifts of love, totaling not only to the amount of our adoption costs, but to the sum total of an incredible community of friends and families.

In our book, that is better.

When our son grows up, we won’t tell him about some one-time, crazy event like a huge check.  We’ll tell him about the many, many single moments of generous love shown by each of you.  And what is most amazing is that this kind of miracle isn’t a temporary occurrence like the cashing of a check.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving through the wonderful community our son will grow up in, filled with people who stood side-by-side with us in the journey to bring him home.

And that, friends, is the kind of miracle God in the business of doing.

thank you collage


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