Won’t You Save Me, San Francisco?

Dear Friends & Family,

We have some big family news to share …

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we’re moving to San Francisco!  Home to the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, year round great weather, Silicon Valley, plus a lot a of truly great Train songs.  And soon … the Lairds!

To share with you how we came to this major life change, we have to take you back to College Alex and College Jess, when we were newly engaged and dreaming about our future life together.  It was our senior year, and Alex already had a job offer in Cedar Rapids.  Even though we both wanted to try living somewhere other than the Midwest, we decided to take what was a sure thing and start our married life out somewhere familiar.  But one day, we promised ourselves, we would move somewhere different.  Somewhere neither of us had lived before.  Somewhere in a big city (voted Alex) and near the ocean (voted Jess).  We put it on the back burner and decided we would work out the particulars of when and where at a later date.

Fast forward five years, and we are married and have a incredibly awesome toddler.  Suddenly, we started to get that itch again.  We absolutely LOVED our time in Poland, and aside from bringing said toddler into our lives, it reignited that thirst for the adventured we had pushed out of our minds for four years.  It seemed like the time might be right. And so, we began praying and tentatively talking about the options.  There were a lot of factors to consider – we needed to be somewhere with a thriving tech industry, we preferred a more moderate climate (sorry, Iowa …), and wanted Elliott to grow up in a place of cultural and racial diversity.  We made a list of cities and states we could picture ourselves in, and soon it became clear that San Francisco was the winner.  Aside from just being a fantastic area, Alex has dreamed since he was a kid of living and working in Silicon Valley, the famed tech capital of the country – maybe the world.

After that, it was simply a matter of waiting for the right opportunity to come along.  A lot of options were on the table when a thriving start-up company contacted Alex after seeing his resume online.  Several interviews and one 24-hour trip to San Francisco later, we had made up our minds and said yes.  One month from now, we will be on our way.

As excited as we are, this is still bittersweet news to share.  Iowa has been our home for four wonderful years.  Here we have made lasting friendships, been a part of a church family that we love, and watched our community rally around us to bring Elliott home.  Living here is a chapter of our lives that we will always cherish and for those reasons, we are sad to leave.  But with local family and friends, you can bet that we will be back – regularly.

In our four years in Iowa, we have been blessed abundantly and made so many memories.  Life is always changing, and the Lord is always bringing new opportunities to grow, be challenged, and minister in new and stretching ways.  We are incredibly excited to see what lies ahead for us in these ways.  Our adoption of Elliott taught us saying “yes” to an open door can bring challenges, but it also brings a new kind of joy and faith that comes from being stretched beyond what is comfortable.  And with that knowledge and equal parts excitement and sadness, we say “yes”!

There are so many more details and stories that have gone into this already, and we know there will be many more to come as we prepare to move in mid-August.  If you would like to hear more or get together before we leave, please let us know!

Thanking you for your prayers as we begin this new chapter,

Alex, Jess, & Elliott

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