Our Wroclaw Apartment!

Hello from Poland!

We have finally made it to Poland, and are wrapping up our second full day in this awesome country.  Hopefully in the next day or so I will have a chance to share updates about our experiences so far, but for now I wanted to share a quick peek inside our apartment!

First of all, we are currently living here:

We will be here for about a month, until our adoption is finalized.  The reason we are in this city in particular is because it is near Baby W’s foster family, and all of the legal aspects of our adoption must be done through the local court.  We are thrilled that of all the places in Poland we could be, we are in this fascinating city.  It is full of color and culture, and there are so many things to see.



We took these pictures in the Wroclaw Market Square in the heart of the city, and our apartment is just around the corner!  We actually started out in a different apartment in a different part of the city, but that didn’t last long …

When we arrived in that first apartment on Monday night after more than 24 hours of traveling (read: no sleep), all I wanted in the world was to finally make it to our beautiful apartment and fall into bed, and then wake up and make it into the wonderful, cozy, homey environment that I was picturing welcoming my son to.

When we finally made it to the apartment complex and up the elevator to our apartment, my hopes were high.  And then we walked in.

It was … about the size of our bedroom at home.  And that’s all.  I ran in, hoping to peer around some corner to see a doorway to another room.  Nope.  Nothing.

It was basically a very small hotel room, the kind where you walk in a door and there is a minuscule bathroom on the right.  To the left was a sink and a couple of cupboards.  From there the room opened up into a space just large enough to contain a queen bed.

The end.

To top it off, everything in the room was stark white.  The floor, the walls, the bed, the cupboards, the sad plastic table shoved in the corner.  It reminded me of a hospital room.

I don’t know if it was my high anticipation, the stress and emotion of traveling to Poland, or the sleep deprivation, but within minutes I was flopped facedown on the smelly bed, holding back tears and trying to imagine myself spending the next month primarily within the walls of this room.  By the time I ventured to imagining bringing Baby W “home” to this sad, lifeless, teeny room, I was on the verge of hysterics.

I had no idea if this was possible or not, but I declared that we were NOT unpacking.  There was no need.  We were leaving ASAP, obviously.  Under no uncertain terms was I going to let this be where we make our first memories as a family.  There wasn’t even floor space for Baby W to play.

As luck(?) would have it, we soon noticed that the “apartment” was missing nearly all of the amenities promised, what was there was mostly all broken, and the apartment complex was completely booked up and had no other rooms to put us in.  This meant a refund for us, and the freedom to find a new apartment.

We spent our first full day running around the city looking for a better option, and continually stating how relived we were that we came a few days early.  Being that we need a place for about a month, including holidays, the pickings were pretty slim.  Our last hope was a listing we found that sounded too good to be true, and we’d certainly been down that road before.  It was for a one bedroom, one and half bathroom apartment on the Market Square for LESS that what we would have paid at Sad Apartment #1.

We made an appointment with the apartment office, and were shocked when an employee handed us a set of keys and a map and told us to go check it out and come back.  They are a very trusting people, the Poles.  I think I held my breath the whole way to the apartment.  I kept telling Alex that all I wanted was something cozy and homey that will make Baby W feel as comfortable as possible, not like he was still in a cramped hospital room.

I didn’t have to take more than two steps into the apartment before I was sold.  It was just what I was picturing, and worlds away from Sad Apartment #1, even for less money.

We practically skipped back to the apartment office and were thrilled when we were told we could move in immediately.  And move in we did.

Photo Dec 17, 5 55 10 PM

Photo Dec 17, 5 55 23 PM

Photo Dec 17, 5 55 40 PM

Photo Dec 17, 5 56 13 PM

Photo Dec 17, 5 56 47 PM

Photo Dec 17, 5 57 06 PM

Photo Dec 17, 5 57 27 PM

Photo Dec 17, 5 59 05 PM

Photo Dec 17, 6 00 04 PM

Call it some sort of crazy nesting instinct, but I was not going to be able to relax until we were in an environment that felt suitable for welcoming a child.  Now we are ready and waiting!


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